Dan’s upcoming schedule

Daniel "phrawzty" Maher is presenting at these upcoming events.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Serverless Meetup

The State of Serverless: 2021

Datadog has examined millions of functions run by thousands of companies over the past two years to understand how serverless is being used in the real world. For example, did you know that the average organisation runs 900 hours of Lambda a day—and that the average run-time per invocation has been cut in half over the past year? Or that 25% of CloudFront users have embraced serverless edge computing? Or that, perhaps more importantly, organisations are overspending on provisioned concurrency across the board? In this talk, we’ll dive into our findings and explain the trends—and help you understand your current serverless posture, and future serverless strategy.

06 October 2021

Datadog & HashiCorp webinar

Cloud Cost Optimisation: A Primer

The era of cloud transformation is now. Organisations large and small are either migrating to the cloud or have always been there. In traditional IT and on-prem computing, the true costs of each operation were difficult to ascertain—in the cloud, everything is a line item. As finance teams lose visibility over these new consumption models, engineers are becoming the cloud financial controllers. So the question becomes: What are the people, processes, and technologies that can be used to navigate this brave new world?

Join Kerim from HashiCorp and Dan from Datadog to discuss the tactics, technologies, and team topologies that will help you understand and control your cloud spend. Using Terraform Cloud and the Datadog observability platform, we’ll examine how to gather data, build models, optimise deployments, and better understand how and where budgets are being allocated across the entire lifecycle of your applications.

06 October 2021