Where are we going and how did we get here?

A presentation at DevOpsDays Cape Town 2016 in in Cape Town, South Africa by Daniel "phrawzty" Maher

The term Devops was coined in 2008 as a tongue-in-cheek moniker for the process of getting developers and operations people to speak to each other. From those humble origins, it has today blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, encompassing everything from software development methodologies, enterprise software packages, training, certifications, and more. It seems like everywhere you look, Devops is there - but what is it, and what does it mean?

In this talk we’ll get back to basics and examine the living history of Devops, including the context from which the movement came to exist, how it has evolved until today, and where we’re potentially headed in the next few years. Along the way we’ll meet some colourful characters, cut through the marketing jargon, and get to the essence of Devops itself.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.