Configure Observability as Code with Terraform & Datadog

A presentation at Hashicorp & Datadog Webinar by Daniel "phrawzty" Maher

Observability can reduce potential outages for modern application deployments. Tools like Datadog make it easier to gain visibility into these key metrics, but how do you ensure that all members of your organizations are implementing best practices at the provisioning stage? How do you ensure consistent observability across any environment?

This webinar will explore how organizations can collaborate to implement observability principles and practices throughout their environments. From provisioning to production, we’ll discuss how to leverage the Terraform Datadog provider to ensure that new applications are registered with Datadog’s platform, and how to manage any changes via a single workflow.

We’ll explain how Terraform Cloud enables organizations to share Datadog configurations across teams, check them into version control systems, and deploy them in a scalable fashion. Finally, we’ll cover practical tips, such as how to configure monitors and dashboards for HashiCorp Consul within Datadog.