Cruise to Cloud Native: Chapter 3. All Aboard! Bringing Your Team on Board Into Your Cloud Native Journey.

A presentation at Webinar by Daniel "phrawzty" Maher

You’re starting to realise the benefits of a modern cloud migration—but you’ve only started to unlock the full potential of your organisation. Now it’s time to bring everybody else on board, and that takes more than just technology decisions.

In part three of this three-part joint AWS and Datadog webinar series, we’ll explore the relationships between team and organisational structures in a modern, cloud-native environment, and how to use high-quality signals to encourage communication and build trust across business units.

Starting with the cloud-native scenario presented in part two, we’ll introduce organisational models for both data and personnel, with a concentration on DevOps principles and the power of data-driven decision making. As always, good observability practices are key, as you need the best data to identify your key signals and build your service level indicators and objectives. Focusing on practitioners, we’ll demonstrate how to move beyond monitoring your systems, and leverage Datadog to add real business value.


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